At Shivam convent it is believed that knowledge is as vast and as deep as is the ocean. It is the bounden responsibility of every human being to gauge this oceanic knowledge. The school’s library has got the books which are enriching, empowering and inspiring.

All the books ore lucidly written and contain life lessons which are meant for all times. All the children belonging to every class go to the library and there they not only peruse books but they also have discussion on books. They submit their book reviews Seminars on books and authors are also conducted during the library period. Through different events children are motivated and geared up to read books. Every child of the school always has a library book with him. This association with the books will certainly strengthen the children to distinguish between right and wrong and to tread the path of righteousness. School’s library is well lit and spacious and always has tranquil ambience and students get benefited with the school’s library that is indeed a knowledge hub.


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